That’s Not How It Works: Intel 10900K Power Consumption, TVB, Turbo 3.0, & More

That’s Not How It Works: Intel 10900K Power Consumption, TVB, Turbo 3.0, & More

We’re revisiting the Intel’s Turbo Boost & Power discussion for the 10900K, 10600K, et al., plus talk on if boards impact performance, Thermal Velocity Boost & Turbo 3.0 definitions, & more.

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This specific internet comment presented a common misconception that prompted this idea: User online – “So probably only expensive high-end motherboard will have the sustained performance showed on those reviews…”

That’s not fully true, and we’re here to explain why.

In this video, we’re defining Intel Turbo Boost 2.0, Turbo Boost 3.0, and answering the question of what Intel Thermal Velocity Boost is. This includes further definition and explanations of PL1 (Power Limit 1), PL2 (Power Limit 2), and Tau (Turbo time duration limit), alongside discussion of TDP on AMD vs. Intel. The piece is most heavily focused on addressing the misconception that “only high-end motherboards” can reach the performance seen in reviews, which is absolutely not true. As long as the motherboards are controlled and tested under expected Intel default settings, then all the results should be more or less comparable. The numbers you saw in reviews, assuming they’re accompanied by stock PL1, PL2, multipliers, and Tau, will also match what’s seen on low-end motherboards.


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00:00 – Common Misconceptions in Comments

02:35 – Accidental Pre-Overclocking vs. Spec

04:21 – Actual Power Numbers at EPS12V Cables

06:00 – Intel’s Poor Job of Education on Behavior

06:50 – Motherboard Doesn’t Matter if Tested Properly & Controlled

07:51 – GN’s Testing Philosophy

09:10 – Examples of Reviewer Guides & How to Benchmark

10:10 – AMD & Intel “Up To” Speeds Are OK

11:50 – How Motherboard Makers Cheat the Results

14:42 – Intel PL1, PL2, & Tau Definition for 10900K, 10700K, 10600K

18:23 – Intel Thermal Velocity Boost (TVB) Defined

21:52 – Intel Turbo Boost 3.0 Defined

22:36 – Concluding Thoughts

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